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Gerhart Coffee Company - Specialty Coffee We use only the finest beans from each region, each crop year. We simply will not accept lower quality or mistreatment of your coffee before it gets to your machine. We also offer training for your staff to ensure that the beans you use stand out as EXCEPTIONAL in the cup. We’re happy to help guide you through defining custom roasts and blends. Contact us today for a Private Cupping and Specialty Coffee Consultation.

Gerhart Coffee Company - Restaurant Solutions Coffee is often one of the very first and very last things your guests will taste when they visit your restaurant. Find a coffee full of consistently sweet and rich flavors, and you’ve created a regular! Our attention to detail means that the people you serve will get what they came for every time they come back. Contact us today to find out what your guests have been missing.

Gerhart Coffee Company - Workplace Solutions Maybe it seems like a little thing, but a great cup of coffee for your employees sets the work day in the right direction. Don’t settle for a store-brand taste. Think Local! Contact us today to learn about economical, locally-roasted coffee for your office!

Gerhart Coffee Company - Wholesale Solutions We enjoy being a part of your business’ success. Whether you’re creating personalized gifts for your clients, or taking the first step into the coffee business yourself, we can help you to navigate the blending, roasting and packaging process to create your own custom offering. Contact us today for a Private Label Consultation.