Central Pennsylvania's Grocers & Markets Love Gerhart 'Flavorful' Coffee

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Grocery Coffee BinThe Gerhart Coffee Co actually had its start in Central PA's General Stores. In 1880, Paul Gerhart brought the concept of fresh, locally roasted coffee into Lancaster. Back then, a lot of coffee was brought in from New York and Philadelphia. But Mr. Gerhart knew that something as important as coffee- the First Flavor of the Day, the Stimulant of Politicians and Philosophers- could NOT be shipped in from some "BIG CITY". So he began roasting and supplying the local merchants with fresh, Flavorful Coffee.

The most important quality in your coffee is the roast date. When your coffee is roasted in Vermont, Seattle, or Ohio; Warehoused; Shipped; Warehoused; and finally stored on the grocery shelf with a year-long expiration period... you WILL taste it in the cup!




Here are a few places you can find ours!

Huber's West End Market

Oregon Dairy

Flinchbaugh's Orchard & Farm Market

Cherry Hill Orchards

Hummer's Meats

Zweier's Food Kart

Conestoga Wagon

Ferguson & Hassler

Forry's Country Store

Martin's Country Market 

Hunger 'N Thirst

Musser's Markets (Colombia & Quarryville Locations)


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