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Aussie and the Fox Frank Fontaine Lancaster PA

Our North Eastern Winter has been an especially brutal one so far. Wet, sub-zero winds drive through our wool pea coats and scarves, and no number of layers seems to help. When late January is so unforgiving, coffee might not quite do the trick.

It’s safe to say that Aussie and The Fox – fruit of Lancaster’s recent crop of Buy Fresh eateries – has found the cure. Home to a full-fledged espresso bar, carefully trained baristas, and award winning bartender Frank Fontaine, they’ve stepped well beyond the common Irish Coffee.

Properly blending specialty coffee and fine liquor isn’t as easy as it might sound. The bright citrus-fruit and chocolate flavors of a quality, fresh-roasted coffee can be hard to pair with a great whisky or gin.

Mr. Fontaine’s thoughtfully crafted Coffee-Centric drinks introduce herb and fruit flavors, among others, bringing each distinct flavor together in unexpected and wonderfully comforting combinations.

Do yourself a favor: don’t risk ruining a great bag of coffee or expensive bottle of spirits. In the deep cold of this late Winter, stop in to warm up with the blokes at Aussie and The Fox.


Aussie & The Fox
38 West King Street, Lancaster PA

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