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Classical Coffee

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The Accomac Inn Manually Pressed CoffeeThe North East enjoys a heritage steeped in an old English and French Colonial aesthetic, and it’s no surprise that it’s these classical roots that inspire a thoughtful approach to food and service at The Accomac.

To Executive Chef Andre Ebert, the Classical French approach is best defined as ‘Quality’:

In a nod to an era bygone, Accomac’s servers can often be seen putting table-side finishes on signature dishes. Table-side service is a special part of the atmosphere here, and the staff strives to bring the experience even to larger private dining parties.

While Executive Chef André Ebert and his team would refrain from strictly using the term farm-to-table; his cuisine revolves around the fresh and wholesome foods that surround them in South Central PA. Their Spring and Summer menus, especially, are made up almost entirely of foods sourced directly from local producers and farmers.

When we at Gerhart Coffee were given the privilege to serve The Accomac- with the goal of creating coffee that considered all of the best parts of this Classical Approach- we settled on a Directly-Sourced Guatemalan bean from Finca Piña Blanca. The coffee is brought to us for roasting seasonally, fresh off of the trees, and imparts a straight-forward and rich flavor that is an instant classic.

Keeping with the Accomac sense of ‘Quality’, a Manual-Press Preparation was added to the menu, finished table-side of course.

Plan a visit to The Accomac and enjoy thoughtful cuisine and unhurried service, the way it’s been done here, along the creeping Susquehanna River, for more than 200 years.

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