Italian Roast Now Available!

Posted by Justin Smay on

We're fessing up. This was a bit of an accident.

We were roasting one of our favorite African beans (we're going to keep the bean a secret...), and a few moments' distraction created the Gerhart Coffee Company's first ever Italian Roast.

Now, we're not much for especially dark-roasted coffee. Our "Dark Roast" is relatively lightly roasted in the scheme of things...

But this Italian Roast came out QUITE nicely. The bean lends some incredible sweetness and the flavors overall really held up to the higher heat.

So after a very positive response to our first (serendipitous) Italian Roast offering, we're making this a part of our regular line-up!

A Tip for Brewing: Darker Roasts MUST be brewed using more coffee. When brewing this Italian Roast, we recommend you use about 1.15oz of coffee per 16oz of water, and a coarser grind.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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