Guatemala Source Trip

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In February Darrel visited two of our Guatemala source farms, in an effort to learn more about our partners' farming techniques and on going improvements to their land. He was bale to see first hand that these farms are committed to quality in their beans and fair labor practices for their employees.

We're excited to share a few photos from his trip.These were primarily taken around the Piña Blanca Farm near Santa Rosa Guatemala.

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Bourbon Cultivar Seedlings in Santa Rosa Guatemala

Guatemala Antigua Bourbon Coffee Seedlings

Ripening Coffee Cherries

Ripe Coffee Cherries Guatemala Bourbon

Harvested Cherries, Bourbon Cultivar

Harvest Bourbon Coffee Cherries, Santa Rosa Guatemalala

Overlooking Lake Amatitlan near Santa Rosa Guatemala

Lake Amatitlan near Santa Rosa Guatemala

Inspecting Root & Trunk Health - Bourbon Coffee Bush

Pablo Escobar Darrel Burns Inspecting ROot Health Bourbon Coffee Guatemala

Our prized find from Darrel's trip arrives next week:

Guatemala, Chimaltenango, Acatenango, El Carmen : Guatemala Cup of Excellence Winner for 2013.

In short, this is one of the best coffees to come out of Guatemala this year! Stay tuned!

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